Mega Warning to Boyapati Srinu

Mega Power Star Ram Charan teamed up with Boyapati Srinu for an exciting project Vinaya Vidheya Rama. Though the film created enough excitement before the release, the same was not continued until the end. Unfortunately, the movie has ended up as a big disaster at the box office.

warning to Boyapati
warning to Boyapati

The success and failure are pretty common for a movie but what’s more surprising is that the meme pages are continuously trolling the hero, the director and the movie. Boyapati Srinu is being blamed for the failure of the movie by the Mega fans. They were apparently posing a warning to Boyapati asking him not to think of doing a film with Mega hero again in the future.

The fans were not impressed with the over-board scenes and unnecessary action sequences. Hence, they are very serious and are making statements that they would never want to see a mega hero working with this director again.

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