War of Abuses: Boyapati vs DVV Danayya

The losses of Vinaya Vidheya Rama are said to be around Rs 30 crores. The buyers lost huge money on the movie and requested the producer DVV Danayya for compensation. Danayya promised to compensate almost 15 crores for the buyers. He reportedly asked Ram Charan and Boyapati to return 5 crores from their shares/remunerations.

Boyapati and Danayya
Boyapati and Danayya

Ram Charan immediately accepted to do the same but Boyapati is said to have resisted. He is said to be in no mood to give back 5 crores but is interested in giving a crore to compensate the losses.

This irked the film’s producer Danayya who busted out on Boyapati Srinu which resulted in a war of abuses between them. They even went into a state where they could slap each other if there were none present in the situation, The people around them immediately stopped them to restrict the issue stay between four walls.

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