Criminal Case on Boyapati

Former Amalapuram MP GV Harsha Kumar’s son GV Sreeraj, speaking to media in Rajahmundry, said that criminal case should be filed on film director Boyapati Sreenu for the stampede at Pushkarams that resulted in the deaths of 29.

Case on Boyapati Srinu
Case on Boyapati Srinu

‘Filming of a publicity “Short film” by Boyapati on Chandrababu Naidu was the reason for the stampede. Gates were opened only after Boyapati took the mike and ordered for the same. What authority he has to take Mike from Chandrababu and command the authorities to open gates. Boyapati was no way related to the Pushkarams, and he was just a “TDP agent”, alleged Sreeraj.

He added, ‘I have already lodged a case against BoyapatiSrinuon July 21st last year in Rajahmundry Three-town police station, but no action has been taken until now. The FIR copy was not even sent to the Somayajulu Committee which was set up to investigate the stampede’.

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