Crazy Promotional Video From Taxiwala Team

Vijay Devarakonda is working hard on the promotions of his upcoming film Taxiwala now. The actor is confident of scoring a big hit with the film and he wanted to keep up the success form. Meanwhile, he recently came up with an exciting promotional video in which he acted with some kids about the film.

Vijay Devarakonda Taxiwala Team
Vijay Devarakonda Taxiwala Team

The film Taxiwala was leaked on the internet much before the release of the movie. Vijay was frustrated about the same and he has tried to portray the same in this latest video. He is seen interacting with the kids about the film and the highlights in the film. On the other side, the kids tell him that they have already watched the film and has nothing great mentioning. Vijay becomes agitated and what happens then is interesting.

This is an interesting form of promotion and Vijay is always a step ahead in terms of the promotions for his movie. He played a taxi driver in the film and romanced a new girl Priyanka Jawalkar. UV Creations and Geetha Arts 2 jointly produced the movie. The film is releasing on 17th of this month.

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