Clearance Confirmed – Sridevi Demise

After two days of investigations and formalities, Dubai Police finally cleared the release of veteran actress Sridevi’s dead body. Sridevi’s body is to be embalmed for the cremation at Mumbai, India. Dubai Prosecution Service has also closed the investigation into the actor’s death and announced as the ‘case is closed’.

Sridevi Dead Body
Sridevi Dead Body

Here is the official statement by Dubai Police Media- Dubai Public Prosecution stressed that all regular procedures followed in such cases have been completed. As per the forensic report, the death of the Indian actress occurred due to accidental drowning following the loss of consciousness. The case has now been closed.

Arjun Kapoor the stepson of Sridevi flew to Dubai in the morning and is taking care of formalities. Boney Kapoor reportedly discovered Sridevi unconscious in the bathtub filled with water in the residing hotel.

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