Arjun Kapoor Angry On Trolls On Jhanvi

Arjun Kapoor started a great relationship with his sisters Janvi Kapoor and Khushi. After the demise of actress Sridevi, Arjun’s relation got strong. Meanwhile, a web based newspaper recently posted a report on Janvi Kapoor’s dress to which Arjun reacted strongly. The newspaper report came up with a story about the short dress of Janvi.

Arjun's Support for Janhvi Kapoor
Arjun’s Support for Janhvi Kapoor

“2 trolls write a comment n for the web team of a big newspaper it’s a news story… slow clap ? ridiculous how trolls are given attention by the media & they wait for us to retaliate…the lesser the stories the lesser the trolls win..” tweeted Arjun Kapoor. Later, he added, “It’s not about a particular media organisation…it’s about the media in general giving importance to certain elements on social media that don’t deserve it at all…the digital handle editors need to screen thru & not put up certain stories as click bait that’s all honestly.” in his further tweet.

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