Arbaaz Khan speaks about his ex-wife’s relationship with Arjun Kapoor

From the last few days, it is being reported that Bollywood actors Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora are planning to get married on 19th of this month. It is already known that the couple is dating since the last couple of years and is planning to take it to the next level sometime soon.

Arbaaz Khan about Malaika Marriage
Arbaaz Khan about Malaika Marriage

Meanwhile, a journo asked Malaika’s ex-husband Arbaaz Khan on her marriage with Arjun. As soon as he heard the question, Arbaaz laughed out hard and said, “You have asked a very intelligent question. You might have thought about it throughout the night. I will surely answer your question but I am gonna take as much time you took to ask that question. Can I answer it Tomorrow?”

All the persons at the meet burst out into laughter by hearing the answer of Arbaaz. Anyways, it will definitely be an awakened question to a person to answer about the marriage of his ex. But Arbaaz handled it in a smooth way.

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