Ali Gives No Clarity

There have been a lot of rumours about the star comedian Ali that he will be joining YSRCP soon. Apparently, Ali never opened up on the same so far but he has given an interview to a top TV news channel in which he opened up about the same.

Ali into Politics
Ali into Politics

When asked if he is really joining the party, Ali said that he never announced it and it was just a speculation. Ali added that he does not want to condemn the speculation as it would not be a right thing to do.

Adding more, Ali said that he was into TDP and was offered an Assembly ticket last time. Ali said that he rejected it as the constituency they offered is not going to work for him. This time, he wanted Guntur constituency and he has been trying for the same.

Ali did not reveal about the party that he is joining but has told that he would certainly ask for Minister post if he tastes the victory.

On the whole, he did not give clarity on the party that he will be a part of in the future days.

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