Star Comedian Elected As APFDC Chairman

Star comedian Ali has been elected as the chairman of Andhra Pradesh Film, Television and Theatre Development Corporation (APFDC), the other day. This is the first time the actor is holding an administrative position in any kind of film body.

Ali as APFDC Chairman
Ali as APFDC Chairman

It is already known that Ali has joined YS Jaganmohan Reddy’s YSRCP a few months back, during the Assembly and Parliament elections. Everyone thought that Ali will be contesting for an MLA OR MP position but that didn’t happen and we don’t know the reason behind it.

But Ali got this post after YSRCP won the elections and Jagan became the Cheif Minister. Jagan has been doing favors to all the film actors who have supported him during the elections and Ali got his due finally. The actor and his close aides have expressed their happiness on getting this top post in the industry.

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