Ali Shocking Comments On Pawan Kalyan

We already knew that best friends Pawan Kalyan and Ali have turned political rivals when Ali joined Pawan Janasena’s rival party, YSRCP. The other day, Pawan was in Ali’s hometown Rajahmundry and he made some serious comments on the star comedian. Ali responded to them in a serious way.

Ali Comments On Pawan Kalyan
Ali Comments On Pawan Kalyan

” I am born and brought up in Rajahmundry. I also run a charity trust here on the name of my father and serve the people irrespective of their religion. It is sad to see Pawan making derogatory comments on me despite knowing everything about my life,” said Ali.

” You said that you helped me during trouble time. I’ve entered the industry years before you forayed into it, Till now, I never took any help for offers or money from anyone. Please don’t make any false claims for your political gain,” said Ali to Pawan.

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