Woman Harassing Bollywood Actor Varun Dhawan

Varun Dhawan is one of the young heroes of the Bollywood film industry. The young actor is currently very much busy with the shooting of his new films October and Sooya Dhaga. The actor has been facing a lot of problems from a woman in the recent past. Having left with no other option, the actor has approached the Mumbai cops. Apparently, the woman has been sending messages to the actor daily.

Woman Harassing Varun Dhawan
Woman Harassing Varun Dhawan

The actor has tried his best to request her not to disturb him, but the woman is still disturbing the actor. The actor has blocked her number but she has been disturbing him by another number. A random guy called Varun and told him that the woman would attempt suicide if Varun fails to respond to the messages.

Varun immediately approached the cops with the numbers he has, and the cops informed that they would do the investigation.

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