Varun’s female fan creates ruckus at his home

Bollywood Hero Varun Dhawan has got the widespread female following in the country. One of his lady fans has created a ruckus in front of his home yesterday. She said she wanted to meet Varun and get a selfie with him and waited for hours for him in front of his home in Juhu, Mumbai.

Varun Dhawan House
Varun Dhawan House

Varun was busy with his shooting schedule and he wasn’t at his home at that time. When this was informed to her by the watchmen, she denied to leave the place and waited for him for hours. When he finally came home, he got down the vehicle and went inside. This irked her and went in to make threats that she will cut herself if Varun doesn’t show up and click a picture with her. She also said that she will kill his beau Natasha if he doesn’t come down. Well, the guards inform the cops about the issue and they got the situation under control and took sent her back.

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