When Young Tollywood Hero Shocked Suma!

Suma is not just a Queen of Television, but she has extended her stardom to filmy events as well. She has become the most wanted anchor to host film functions. With her witty statements, Suma often wins the hearts of audiences and corners the guests on the dais. However, a young hero has shocked the lady with his unanswerable remark.

Raj Tarun and Suma
Raj Tarun and Suma

The other day Suma anchored the audio launch event of Dil Raju’s Sathamanam Bhavathi. As the film’s theme is marriage, she asked all the guests who graced the dais about marriage. When young hero Raj Tarun came on the dais, Suma asked him if he had the intention of marrying?

A cautioned Tarun, immediately said that he would have had the marriage thought if she was unmarried, implying that he would have married her if was still single. Suma found herself short of words with the unexpected reply, so she just said, Happy married life to him.

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