Rajiv and Suma Kanakala Retuns Rythu Bandhu Cheque

It was earlier reported that DJ Director Harish Shankar had initiated the giving away of the benefits by Telangana government, under the Raithu Bandhu scheme. Now, the Kanakala couple seems to be following the same theme, by giving away the cheque which they had received under Raithu Bandhu scheme by the Government of Telangana.

Rajiv and Suma Kanakala
Rajiv and Suma Kanakala

The Kanakala couple Suma and Rajiv own an agricultural land at the outskirts of Hemajipur near Jadcherla. The couple had given back the cheque of Rs. 29 thousand, to the Thahasildar of the village, as they are financially well-settled. Their intention is to make the money useful to the needy farmers who depend on agriculture as the only way of existence. The couple also visited the government school nearby, to examine the laptop and the projector which they had given to the school earlier. How generous!!

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