What’s the tiff between Harish and DSP

Earlier we have said that Devi Sri Prasad walks out of four projects recently and to everyone’s surprise, ‘Valmiki’ is one of them. He and Harish Shankar has collaborated for two film ‘Gabbar Singh’ and ‘DJ’, and Devi walking away came as a shock to everyone.

Harish and DSP
Harish and DSP

Harish and Devi Sri Prasad are good friends and have a very good rappo between them. Devi Sri Prasad was immediately roped-in after the ‘Valmiki’ was confirmed, by Harish Shankar. Him leaving the project has raised some speculations about the relation between them. It is heard that Harish and Devi were having an argument regarding the remake of Chiranjeevi song, while Devi strongly opposed and refused to do it. They tried to talk it out but the compromise didn’t happen. Hence they stated the riff as creative differences and parted their ways. Mickey J. Meyer was roped in to compose the music.

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