Vishal started yet another controversy

Dark horse Vishal Reddy has been waging war in all the unions related to Tamil film industry. His recent remarks on producers irked some members in producers union.


After making news during Nadigar elections in the past, Vishal finally won the trust of all and became chief of the union. Now he is eyeing on the post of the head for Producers Council of Tamil Industry. Yesterday in a public meeting for elections campaign, Vishal fired at the producer’s council members. He alleged that the present members were unable to solve anything and they are the reasons for his father’s downfall as a producer. He claimed that he is now fighting for the elections only to do justice for sufferers. He went further and alleged that those who didn’t produce one film are eager to become president for the council.

Vishal’s remarks didn’t go well with producers. Some top league producers and distributors in the leadership of Kalipu S Thanu have surrounded Nadigar Union building to agitate. They demand an apology from Vishal. Kabali producer S Thanu stated that Vishal has developed love on elections and he has been misusing Nadigar and producers council for his own benefit. He further asked Vishal to first do justice to distributors who have lost with Vishal’s flop movies.

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