Varun Tej Reacts to Nagababu-Balayya Controversy

Mega Prince Varun Tej is busy all these days promoting his new movie Antariksham, which is releasing today. He has interacted with a lot of media people about the film and the experience he had while shooting for it. It is usual that the media people ask a lot of questions about his career and other things.

Varun and Naga Babu
Varun and Naga Babu

In the same manner, Varun was asked to respond on his father’s comments on Balakrishna Nandamuri. As per the reports, Varun is said to have reacted to the same and gave his strong stand on the same without noticing that he is being recorded.

But, later, Varun and his team realized that it might affect the release and might welcome negativity. Hence, the PRO made sure that whatever was shot got deleted.

But, a few others also have recorded the same and it is expected to come online a couple of days after the film’s release.

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