Thoofan is a shameless exercise in laziness – Rajeev Masand

Star reviewer and critic of Bollywood, Rajeev Masand, had all the bad things to say about Ram Charan’s Zanjeer, aka Thoofan. Rajeev went utterly ballistic with his review stating that the film was nothing but a shameless exercise by filmmakers carried with laziness. Stating in his own words, he reckons – Im going with zero out of five, for the new ‘Zanjeer’. Without belittling their year long battle with the film makers to be compensated for remaking their script, one has to wonder if screenwriters Salim Khan and Javed Akhtar might consider donating some part of their settlement towards admitting these guys in film school”. Rajeev has written off Charan completely, saying “Ram Charan, in fact, a successful and popular star in Telugu films, comes off as stiff as a wax statue in his Bollywood debut, with barely any emotion, forget brooding anger. His biceps pop out of his uniform, but he barely flexes his facial muscles. Ram Charan never gets under the skin of Vijay Khanna, making it hard to look beyond his kohl-lined eyes and his neatly styled hair”. This is a real disadvantage to the film, considering Masand reviews usually impact the masses to watch films made at Bollywood. So, as they say, no matter how many times the media and press can cover the whole reality of film making, a true reviewer will spill the beans anyway.


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