Police protection rounded up for Thoofan

Thoofan will see a good amount of Police Protection near the theatres on the day of its release this Friday. The producers of the film, Reliance Entertainments, have approached the Andhra Pradesh High Court to appeal for protection for all the theatres that will screen the movie. This is a preventive measure taken up; post the heavy Seemandhra agitations that have threatened the release of Charan’s film in Telugu, as a result of their spite against Chiranjeevi. The film was much awaited in both Hindi and Telugu and Ram Charan has personally implored to the Citizens of Andhra to not mix the politics with films. Incidentally, Thoofan will also be one of the first films to release post State divide announcement, where all the other big films have been pushed back due to the fear of losses. How the film fares and manages amidst the protests will either encourage or discourage the other biggies in the race.

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