Just in – Thoofan stalled in Andhra/Telangana

The reports have just poured in from various sources in Andhra that Thoofan, starring Ram Charan Teja is now being stalled from being shown in theatres by Samaikyandhra and Telangan activists. The film makers did receive police protection for the theatres screening the film and the movie was comfortably released. However, trouble has just started brewing in as the agitators are now attacking the theatres and asking the fans to not go in and watch the film. The two regions, Telangana and Samaikyandhra have equal animosity towards Charan’s father, Megastar Chiranjeevi, the Union Minister of Congress who according to the groups did not take a stance in the State bifurcation with clarity. The Andhra region is agitated that he did not do much to stop the divide, despite being in power, and the Telangana region has already banished him, calling him ‘an outsider’. This is a real unfortunate situation where the son is being punished for father’s doings. Most theatres have stopped screening the movie under the pressure of protestors and activists are currently shouting slogans and staging dharnas in the regions of Vizag, Tirupati, Warangal, Kurnool and small centres. Watch this space for more oncoming news shortly.

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