That’s not my job says Radhika Apte

Radhika Apte is one actress who is not only beautiful but also bold. She is more popular because of her controversies rather than her movies. After Radhika Apte commented on a Telugu biggie claiming that he misbehaved with her during a shoot, here comes another issue.

Radhika Apte Fans Selfies
Radhika Apte Fans Selfies

While talking to a media person, Radhika Apte shared her thoughts regarding her fans. Radhika admits that she doesn’t like to take selfies with her fans. She says she also gets disgusted sometimes. “It was not like this before I got success. I am asked to take selfies by some of the fans. I do not like to click selfies and thus I reject”, Radhika Apte says.

“The fans get offended when I deny clicking selfies with them. But, that is my wish. My job is not to please them right?”, Radhika continues. It is, of course, Radhika Apte’s choice to click a selfie or not. But, there are certain things these celebs cannot push away most of the times. Whatever, Radhika maintains her attitude.

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