Radhika Apte Makes Shocking Comments On Bollywood

Heroine Radhika Apte has become a go-to actress for the content-oriented film. She has gained popularity and stardom by doing only author-backed roles and going after the glamorous characters in the commercial potboilers. Recently, she also acted in a Hollywood film called The Wedding Guest.

Radhika Apte Sensational Comments
Radhika Apte Sensational Comments

During a recent interview, she was asked about the difference she noticed between both Bollywood and Hollywood. The actress without taking any pause said that Hollywood production houses pay the remuneration to the cast and crew on time and don’t delay like the Bollywood makers.

By these statements, Radhika clearly stated that the Indian filmmakers don’t pay the remunerations on time and make the actors and crew wait for ages to get their payment. Any which ways, Radhika proved that she doesn’t think twice to speak whatever she has in mind and it is a good trait to possess.

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