Taapsee’s innocent act helps her big time

Taapsee Pannu, whose latest film Anando Brahma turned out to be a successful outing for the actress, reveals an interesting thing about the film. Taapsee Pannu hasn’t charged a single penny for the film and has, instead, struck a deal with the producers in the profits of the film while the film was being made.

Taapsee Remunration
Taapsee Remunration

This risky step could have landed Taapsee in troubled water but the actress’ belief in the content of the film worked out, and the film went on to become a profit reaping project. When Taapsee heard the script and found that there was no scope for a leading hero in the film which is the major force for the films budget and feasibility, she decided that she did not want to burden the film with her remuneration as it can become difficult to market it.

Anando Brahma is not a women centric film, but an ensemble cast and yet Taapsee decided to not charge for the film and wait for the profits. And this gamble paid off, as the film opened to great reception and is earning some good collections at all centers. Taapsee also has a Bollywood release now, Judwaa 2, featuring alongside Varun Dhawan in the film.

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