Suma Seeks Nag to Buy her Painting

Queen of small screen Suma has already proved her spontaneity by hosting many films related functions. Despite she works mainly in small screen, she is also considered a silver screen figure due to her association with film celebs.

Suma Painting
Suma Painting

Suma has now done painting, and she wants Akkineni Nagarjuna to buy it so that she can invest the money for water tankers. Suma has made a funny post on Facebook saying that she got inspired by Karthi from ‘Oopiri’ movie and prepared that painting.

It may be noted that after watching Nagarjuna buy a painting for Rs 20 lakh, Karthi also prepares a painting. Despite it was awful, to encourage him, Nagarjuna forces Prakash Raj to buy it for Rs 10 lakh.

Now, Suma also wants similar encouragement for Nagarjuna. Quite a funny lady she is.

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