Sridevi daughter caught with Boy Friend

The children of Indian celebrities lead a private life as they are seen with many camera eyes. Still, some are getting caught to paparazzi. A recent photo Showcases a star heroine’s daughter with her rumored boyfriend.

Sridevi Daughter Khushi
Sridevi Daughter Khushi

Veteran actress Sridevi daughters are getting famous now a days as she wanted to launch them as heroines soon. The ladies have recently gone to an international fashion and filled up Instagram. Her daughter Khushi has recently seen with her boyfriend Akshath and that pic was taken by a fan. Now, this pic is going viral. The couple is seen in many pics in Akshath Instagram.

Anyhow acts like these will only increase the much-needed fame and focus as they are willing to be heroines in Bollywood. Recently even Chiru wished ram charan to act with her.

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