Simbu fires on Vishal over Nadigar Sangam Election

Simbu Fires on Vishal
Simbu Fires on Vishal

As the Nadigar Sangam Elections are fast approaching, to be held on 18th of this month, the rival groups have intensified their verbal war.

The incumbent president Sarath Kumar’s group has conducted a press meet at a star hotel and at the event, actor Simbu, who is running for the Vice-President post, has criticized Vishal, the leader of opposition group. Simbu alleged that Vishal is trying to divide Nadigar Sangam as he is bringing in his personal issue into the Sangam and using other actors to defame legends like Vijayakanth, Sarath Kumar, etc.

‘It seems that he is not impressed by the good works done by Sarath Kumar while he was president, and he has been raising only the one or two mishaps that happened’ said Simbu.

Meanwhile, Vishal is also taking the support from Tollywood actors Balakrishna and Chiranjeevi on Nadigar Sangam Elections. This election also looks like MAA Elections in Tollywood.

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