Shivaji Raja goes emotional after ‘MAA’ elections

It is known that ‘MAA’ elections have taken place recently and Naresh panel won the elections whereas Shivaji Raja and team faced a big failure. On this note, Shivaji Raja came out today in front of the media and made some shocking allegations on the opposition panel.

Shivajiraja Goes Emotional
Shivajiraja Goes Emotional

He stated that Naresh and panel have violated the rules by bringing up the situations that took place in the Movie Artists Association during the elections time. He stated that he joined the race only because of the people who supported him though he doesn’t want to participate in the elections and cleared the air by saying that me and Srikanth haven’t done any injustice to others. “I don’t like to cry but thinking about the hard work Srikanth and SV Krishna Reddy did for me is bringing tears in my eyes,” said Shivaji Raja and added that he wants to go back to his hometown.

He also claimed that the opposition party has intentionally made false allegations on him. Shivaji Raja stated that he came in front of the media only to deny the allegations on him as he is afraid that people might think that they are true.

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