Roja and Bandla Ganesh Fight – Effect On Naga Babu

Everyone is aware of the war of words that took place between Bandla Ganesh and actress Roja. The current buzz in the industry is that Mega Brother Naga Babu is going to be on the losing side in the entire dispute. Naga Babu is acting as a judge for Jabardasth comedy show where Roja is also participating. His active participation in the TV show has become a big dilemma now.

Roja and Bandla Ganesh
Roja and Bandla Ganesh

Very recently, Roja made comments on Pawan Kalyan in a live debate, and she has made some harsh comments. The videos are trending on the social media and Roja is facing a lot of criticism now. On the other side, people are also sending requests to Naga Babu not to participate in the show with Roja.

Naga Babu has grabbed a lot of craze with the TV show, and he is always first in attending the show even in the absence of Roja. In this context, it is to be known if Naga Babu inclines towards fans’ advice and suggestions.

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