Bandla Ganesh Official Statement On Election Results

We have already reported you that Bandla Ganesh is out of reach for the media as the media persons are awaiting his response on the results of Telangana Polls. Unnecessarily, with overconfidence, Bandla Ganesh announced that he will commit suicide if the Congress party fails to grab the power in the Telangana state currently.

Bandla Ganesh Official Statement
Bandla Ganesh Official Statement

Bandla Ganesh has been out of reach from the morning and the media persons are trying to reach him through phone calls but not in person. In this scenario, he has made a statement on the elections’ results in the state of Telangana.

Taking to Twitter, Bandla Ganesh wrote, “We are respecting the verdict of people and accepting our failure. Our best wishes for KCR government.” posted Bandla Ganesh.

We have to wait and see if he responds on his challenge too.

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