Ravi Babu’s Piglet In Hum Fit Tho India Fit Campaign

Actor and filmmaker Ravi Babu proved himself to be a versatile personality in the film industry. He always comes up with out-of-the-box subjects. He recently directed a movie called Adugo which revolves around a piglet. Bunty is the name given to this piglet. The film was produced by Flying Frogs production house and Suresh Babu Daggubati is presenting the movie. The teaser that released already gained a unique appreciation.

Ravi Babu Piglet
Ravi Babu Piglet

Ravi Babu started the promotions for the movie in a unique way. Earlier, he is seen brushing the piglet’s teeth and now he is doing workouts along with piglet. Ravi Babu is seen doing push-ups with Piglet standing on his back. This promotional video is a part of ‘Hum Fit Tho India Fit Hai’ campaign.

The makers will announce the official release date of the movie soon.

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