Adhugo for Dussehra Holidays

‘Adhugo’ written, directed and produced by Ravi Babu will be releasing in all Indian languages. This is an action comedy film for family audience and kids, so the makers have decided to dub it in as many languages as possible. There is no change in the Telugu title but for the rest of languages, the film is titled ‘Bunty.’

Adhugo For Dusshera
Adhugo For Dusshera

The makers of ‘Adhugo’ are planning for a Dussehra release and the film is final stages. ‘Adhugo’ is a unique concept film which has a piglet playing the lead role. For the first time live-action 3D animation has been extensively used to create a stunning photo-realistic piglet on the Indian screen.

‘Adhugo’ also stars Abhishek Varma and Nabha in the lead cast and noted producer Suresh Babu is presenting it in association with Suresh Productions banner.
Ravi Babu has produced the film under A Flying Frog banner.

Cast: Abhishek Varma, Nabha, Ravi Babu, Uday Bhaskar, RK, Virender Chowdary.

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