Ram Charan Cleaned Ancient Shiva Temple

On the occasion of Maha Shivarathri, a lot of people have posted pictures of performing puja to Lord Shiva but what Upasana did is something different. Upasana along with her husband Ram Charan offered special pujas at an ancient temple of Lord Shiva. Charan cleaned the Shiva Linga and temple and then offered special prayers. Upasana has revealed the history of the temple which is 800 years old.

Ram Charan Pooja at Shiva Temple
Ram Charan Pooja at Shiva Temple

“The #Domakonda Fort Shivalayam is over 800 years old from the Kakatiya Period. Our forefathers built the Domakonda Fort around the Shivalayam 400 years ago. In 2003 My grand father Kamineni Umapathy (20th gen of the Domakonda family) started to restore the temple with the archeological society. The Shiv Lingam is a very peculiar blue. Mr C & I believe that if u clean the temple & its surroundings all ur wishes come true. Shraddha, Bhakti & complete LOVE & devotion to Lord Shiva. OM NAMAH SHIVAYA #ramcharan at the #Domakonda Shivalayam. restore ancient temples.” posted Upasana revealing the history behind the temple and urged everyone to restore ancient temples.

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