Now Sridevi’s Turn For Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut is considered as a daring and dashing heroine of Bollywood film industry. Kangana Ranaut is currently very much busy with her projects. She is talented and has got many awards in her career. Now, it looks like she is targeting actress Sridevi in comparing herself regarding some aspects. Apparently, Kangana is busy with a film titled as Simran and the film is tipped to be a complete entertainer with light-hearted fun.

Sridevi's Turn For Kangana Ranaut
Sridevi’s Turn For Kangana Ranaut

The teaser of the film Simran also impressed many. Some Bollywood critics have been calling Kangana Ranaut as Queen of Comedy which is the tag given to Sridevi when she is the top heroine of the film industry. hence, Kangana is feeling proud about the same and is thinking that she is better than Sridevi.

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