March Becomes Crucial for two Telugu Heroes

The year 2019 opened on a dull note for Telugu film industry. Out of four big-budget films that were released in the month of January, only one emerged as a blockbuster. Rest three ended up as a disaster, not even ending up as an average fare. In February, there are no notable releases at all barring Yatra.

Allu Sirish and Kalyan Ram
Allu Sirish and Kalyan Ram

So, all eyes are now on the month of March. On the first day itself, two big films are locking their horns at the box office. One of them is Nandamuri Kalyan Ram’s 118 and the other is Allu Sirish’s ABCD. Both the heroes, who come from big families, are struggling to deliver a hit since past few years.

Sirish came up with Okka Kshanam way back in 2017 which ended up as a box office failure. Kalyan Ram, even though came up with two films last year, both ended up as disasters. Currently, not only both of them but the entire industry is praying the films to become successful at the box office.

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