Manchu Mohan Babu House Arrested

Manchu Mohan Babu, the senior actor, educationalist and philanthropist have been vocal about not getting the fee reimbursement funds for his institution. Several times in the past, Mohan Babu made it clear that the government did not transfer the funds to him. Today, Mohan Babu, along with his students planned for a peaceful rally but the cops confronted him and house arrested the actor.

Mohan Babu House Arrest
Mohan Babu House Arrest

Mohan Babu took to Twitter to inform the same. “Wanted to take a peaceful rally today in Tirupathi protesting the non payment of the fee reimbursement of the students by the Govt…. Police have arrived at our home in Tirupathi and looks like they are not going to allow the rally. Why is The government not paying the students fee? And the rally I want to is for the students. I don’t gain anything from it. 19 crores have been pending and for what? Why isn’t the government honoring their commitment????” tweeted Mohan Babu.

Vishnu too tweeted on the same. “Father has never been a person who can be bullied. He taught us to challenge bullies. Why other college owners are not talking about the fee reimbursement, only they can answer. Either they are scared of the big bullies or in bed with them.

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