YVS Chowdary lodges another complaint on Mohan Babu

A few days back, Erramanzil court has ordered actor to pay the due remuneration of director YVS Chowdary within a span of 30 days. Now, the director has lodged another complaint on Mohan Babu saying that the renowned actor has criminally trespassed his property.

YVS Chowdary Case on Mohan Babu
YVS Chowdary Case on Mohan Babu

In his official legal statement, YVS Chowdary stated that he purchased a land Jalapally village, along with Mohan Babu in 2009. While YVS opted to leave the land vacant, Mohan Babu built property in his owned land. But apparently, the actor developed an idea of acquiring Chowdary’s land, which is adjoining the site.

The statement further stated that after the decision made by Erramnazil court on cheque bounce case, Mohan Babu has erected a wall and closed the entry to Chowdray’s site, without taking any permissions from the local authorities. If he fails to remove the board in seven days, Chowdary would lodge criminal charges on him, stated the legal notice.

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