Karthi Asks Sri Reddy To Complaint To Police

The controversial actress Sri Reddy is certainly overreacting to several things. The actress has shifted her base to Chennai and is making some unnecessary and baseless allegations on the film personalities based in Kollywood. She already made some allegations on AR Muragadoss, Srikanth, Raghava Lawrence and Sunder C. The Tamil media is showing a lot of interest in getting more details from Sri Reddy.

Karthi and Sri Reddy
Karthi and Sri Reddy

In the meantime, some sections of Tamil film industry are expecting an official statement from Nadigar Sangam. Tamil film personalities wanted Nadigar Sangam to react on this issue and put an end to Sri Reddy from making more baseless allegations on different personalities in Tamil film industry. Finally, Karthi who is the treasurer of Nadigar Sangam reacted to the same.

Karthi reacted as an individual and asked the actress to show evidence before making allegations. He said that Nadigar Sangam cannot react to the issue without any proper and official complaint.

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