Jail Time For Bandla Ganesh

Bandla Ganesh who is often compared as the blockbuster producer in the film industry is in a big trouble now. The producer was sentenced to jail by Erramanzil court. The court has given its decision to sentence him jail for six months and also laid a fine of Rs 15.86 lakhs. This is regarding a cheque bounce case that took place during the time of the film Temper.

Bandla Ganesh Jail
Bandla Ganesh Jail

Star writer Vakkantham Vamshi filed a case against Bandla Ganesh claiming that Ganesh has given him an invalid cheque as a remuneration. The court has apparently investigated into the matter and found Bandla Ganesh guilty. Bandla Ganesh has immediately applied for bail and the court granted him the bail with certain conditions.

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