Dispute over Director Credits for Mental

Hero Srikanth’s latest film ‘Mental’ hit screens this Friday. Keeping the result of the film aside, the film has now embroiled in another controversy.

Mental Director Karanam Babji
Mental Director Karanam Babji

Film’s director Karanam Babji held a press meet to reveal that film’s producer Basheed conspired to hijack the film’s credit by removing his name from the director’s card. ‘I have been in the film industry for 16 years. I did work hard for 16 months for Mental. I didn’t take any remuneration, and moreover, I invested Rs 15 lakh from my own pocket. Now, film’s producer Basheed has removed my name from the director’s card and claimed the credit,’ said Babji.

‘Making any changes to the censored copy is a crime but Basheed still went ahead with his misdeed. If he doesn’t respond by Sunday, along with my family, I am ready to do fast-unto-death before Film Chamber and his office,’ warned Babji.

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