Balakrishna is a big comedian says Naga Babu

It is a known fact to every one of us that Mega brother Naga Babu made comments that he does not know who Balakrishna is. Soon after the comments went viral, a lot of Nandamuri fans were upset with him and have come up with trolls on him. Today, Naga Babu came live on Facebook and the fans asked him to talk about Balakrishna again to which he paid a deaf ear again.

Nagababu and Balayya
Nagababu and Balayya

Naga Babu, today came up with a video which is currently trending video. The actor starts off apologizing for everyone that it was a mistake on his part to ignore Balakrishna and telling that he does not know who he is. He tenders his apology and starts complimenting Balakrishna. Everyone seeing the video will get the impression that he is feeling guilty. But, suddenly, he shifts the gear and starts telling that Balakrishna is a comedian.

Without making more delay, he pulls out a picture of veteran comedian Valluri Balakrishna and said that he was a great actor and comedian who worked with NTR too. He then concluded that video that he should not have commented like that.

When Balakrishna did not react to his first video, it is sad to see Naga Babu going to react on the issue on an extreme level. In turn, Naga Babu is actually projecting him as a comedian.

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