Bad Experience to Ajay Devgn in Bihar!

Bollywood Actor Ajay Devgn has become the victim of fans in Bihar.

With Bilar polls falling near, the BJP party in the state decided to give some Bollywood attraction to the publicity. In the process, they hired actor Ajay Devgn to speak on behalf of their party in a public meeting.

Ajay Devgan at Bihar Rally
Ajay Devgan at Bihar Rally

Accepting the invitation, Ajay Devgn attended the public meeting. While called for speaking in the meeting, Ajay Devgn went near the mike to address the public. All of the sudden people started throwing stones at Ajay. Confused by this, Ajay has no option but to leave the meeting.

The reason behind people tossing stones over this Bollywood hero was his late coming. Yes, according to the publicity done by the local leaders, Ajay Devgn should come to the meeting by 10 Am, but appeared at 12 PM. Angered over his delayed appearance, public threw what came on to their hands sent off this muscular hero.

Heroes may go late to their shootings, functions and promotional events, but after such incident no one dares to go late to any public meeting.

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