Baahubali To Be Soon Remade In This Indian Language

There is no introduction needed for India’s biggest hit Baahubali. The epic two-part saga was received extremely well by the audience all over the country and finally, it had rewritten all the existing records at the box office. There will be only a minority in the country who haven’t watched the film.

Bahubali in Gujarati
Bahubali in Gujarati

Now, it is being remade into the Gujarati language. Apparently, famous Youtube duo Nitin Jani and Tarun Jani have bagged the remake rights of the movie. It is still unclear why they want to remake a film which was almost seen in almost the entire country, including the Gujaratis.

Moreover, Baahubali was made on a budget of more than Rs. 400 crores and it is a herculean task for small film industry like Gujarati industry to produce such a massive project. We have to wait and see what exactly do the makers have in mind to do with this remake

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