Anchor Ravi Revealed His Tiff With Lasya

No one knows the relationship between Anchor Ravi and Lasya. Ravi and Lasya were one of the best on-screen couple anchors. Many thought they were in a relationship. Lasya decided to marry her soulmate Manjunath and decided to stop working with Ravi.

Ravi and Lasya Tiff
Ravi and Lasya Tiff

Ravi got married by the time Ravi and Lasya were doing shows. Ravi nor Lasya did not open the facts what was really in between them. When Lasya marriage got fixed, the Tom and Jerry fight started between them.

In a recent media interaction, Ravi said that initially he and Lasya worked together for many shows. After some time, she objected to not work with him as a co-partner. Many show directors started neglecting her.

Ravi further added that, Lasya took it in a negative way and started abusing me.

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