Rashmi Gautam gives a perfect reply to a fake casting agent

Many people in the industry claim themselves as casting agents and lure aspiring actresses with the movie offers. But after using them for personal advantages, they don’t even bother about those girls. Many aspiring actresses have lost their careers by falling in this trap.

Rashmi Gautham Strong Reply
Rashmi Gautham Strong Reply

Recently, anchor Rashmi came across a similar fake casting agent. The latter has asked for her father’s phone number saying that he lost. Rashmi, who found out his intentions, has given him a fitting reply.

She tweeted, “My dad passed away when I was 12. So I don’t think u ever has my dads number in the very 1st place. So kindly stop making fool out of people by call your self a PR MANAGEMENT. I’m sure this is another new way of fooling naive girls And bringing shame to the industry.” Later, the concerned person had deleted the tweet.

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