Anchor Rashmi Gautam’s Strong Reaction To Fake Poster

Rashmi Gautham is one of the star anchors in the TV industry. She is always in the news for one or the other thing. The latest is that an event management company has put up her picture on one of their upcoming event banners saying that both Rashmi and Sudigali Sudheer will be attending a 10K run event in Tirupathi. Rashmi got to know about this and has reacted strongly.

Rashmi Gautam
Rashmi Gautam

Rashmi Gautham has shared the picture featuring the flexy and wrote, “Hey all so I’m not part of this event these guys never confirmed anything but have gone ahead and put my pic up there so if any one knows these sponsors pls pass the news #fakealert”

Later the manager of the event has responded to the same saying that he already sent money to the manager and he also got proofs. But Rashmi reacted strongly saying, “Pls get your facts right before making random statements you will be proven wrong on so many levels but if you still wish to go down this lane then pls do.”

The person who is said to be the manager has now deleted all his tweets.

That’s how Rashmi proved to be a strong person while dealing with people like this.

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