Allu Sirish Caught Partying with Shriya Bhupal

A few days back, it was announced that Akkineni Akhil and ace fashion designer Shriya Bhupal were parted ways due to unspecified personal issues. However, now after a long hiatus, Shriya appeared in front of the camera with Allu Sirish.

Allu Sirish and Shriya Bhupal
Allu Sirish and Shriya Bhupal

The pics of Shriya and Sirish dancing in tandem have spread like a wildfire on the internet, and many wonders what might have happened there, is it at a private party? A small gathering?

Going into details, it is learnt that GVK family is very close to Allu family. And the two buddies recently attended a small get together party. However, the bonding between Allu Sirish and Shriya has become the hot topic of discussion in T-town.

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