Akshay Kumar Beats Salman Khan in Forbes 2018 Top 100 List

The film personalities usually pay the highest taxes to the government and this fact was proven multiple times in the past. Now, Forbes has released the list of 100 top celebrities who are earning more. Bollywood actors Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan have grabbed places in this list.

Akshay and Salman Khan
Akshay and Salman Khan

American boxer Floyd Mayweather is in the top position with an earning of 285 million dollars. Akshay Kumar is in 78th position while Salman Khan settled down to 82nd place.

All these 100 people in the last year have earned money in larger number and paid a tax of nearly 6.3 billion dollars. Akshay Kumar is said to be earning 40.5 million dollars while Salman Khan is expected to be earning 37.7 billion dollars every year.

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