Akkineni Fans Attempted Suicide For Akhil

Akkineni Fans Attempt Suicide For Akhil
Akkineni Fans Attempt Suicide For Akhil

Akkineni Akhil’s debut film “Akhil” movie released yesterday worldwide and getting the mixed talk from the audience and fans. A shocking incident happened in Kurnool on selling the Akhil movie ticket rates for high price. Two of Akkineni die hard fans tried to burn themselves with kerosene in front of a theater.

Every time a star hero’s film hits screens, audiences from all sections compete to watch the film as early as possible. Black marketing of tickets takes place on such occasions forcing the film lovers to shell out extra bucks.

Despite the fans oppose this, it still continues as most of the times, theatre management encourages black marketing. On few Occasions, such situations led to tense moments.

‘Akhil: The Power of Jua’, the debut film of Akkineni Akhil has witnessed such scenario. Fans of Nagarjuna staged a protest in Kurnool against the black marketing of the tickets. Much to the surprise, two fans poured kerosene on their bodies and threatened to commit suicide standing before a theatre.

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Police rushed in to bring the situation to normalcy. Few fans were arrested, and they were taken into custody.

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