Nag Says Stay Away From Nithin

Distributors who spent hefty money over ‘Akhil’ are now all left in huge losses. The trouncing of Akhil made many distributors in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and overseas in complete losses. To say in single word ‘Washout’ is the current situation of buyers all across.

Nagarjuna and Nithin Reddy
Nagarjuna and Nithin Reddy

They who bought the film relying upon Nagarjuna’s stardom, hyper over Akhil and Nithin productions house are now turning towards Nithin asking to compensate their losses.

Nithin and his father Sudhakar Reddy spent a bomb on the making of ‘Akhil.’ It is said to be that almost 40-45 CR was spent over the film without having a compromising leg. Now, with the negative result that the film left, it would take years for Nithin and Sudhakar Reddy to recover.

Knowing about the distributor’s pressure over Nithin and his family, called upon them and spoke regarding this issue. After listening to their suffering, Nagarjuna assured them that he will compensate them within a short period.

Nagarjuna further ordered them not to disturb them anymore, and if they want to speak something, it is with him to be speaking than Nithin or his family.

This gesture of Nagarjuna towards Nithin shall be lauded as part of saving the producer who helped in the launching of his son.

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