Vinayak to compensate the losses of ‘Akhil’

Director Vinayak is going to compensate the Akhil Losses to distributors. V.V.Vinayak is a much-expected director in Tollywood. Many of his films brought fortunes to producers and distributors. It is a known fact that few distributors who only buy Vinayak’s films still prevail. Such countable director is Vinayak.

Though this word didn’t prove right for ‘Akhil.’ Vinayak, who was assigned by Nagarjuna to launch his son Akhil for his debut film, took up the responsibility as a challenging one. Post release, ‘Akhil’ didn’t gain enough revenue, thereby leaving the buyers in huge losses.

V.V.Vinayak to compensate Akhil losses
V.V.Vinayak to compensate Akhil losses

With the film buyers suffering huge losses, Vinayak decided to compensate them. Vinayak somehow planned to compensate the buyers, how isn’t yet known. Maybe he could sell away his next film to the same buyers of ‘Akhil’ at a low price.

Not only that, producer Nithin, who believed in ‘Akhil’ and made the film with no compromise, too bared huge losses. With a complete confidence over ‘Akhil,’ Nithin didn’t sell few areas to distributors and released on his self. After the flop, now he too is in losses.

By so Vinayak is reported of not taking the balance remuneration of his that he should get from the producer. That’s how Vinayak has equalled the loss bearers.

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